A Word…

I’m not even sure what day we are in this anymore. To be honest, I’m not even sure what the actual calendar date is. I know it’s a Tuesday (or maybe early Wednesday) in April.

I really don’t even care. It’s a defect.

I was thinking today about what’s been lost in all this. Not economically or politically or culturally – there are professionals to worry about that stuff, and I’m not one – but mentally.

And not mentally in the sense of the psyche toll – we already know that’s been irretrievably broken. It’s a loss.

But the mental debt we now have in the subtlety of being human and communicating like humans. The eloquence of framing a thought or argument or soulful statement in a way that was such a joy to read or hear when executed properly.

This is eroding.

It was a murder victim of social media long before Coronavirus, but that long, last nail has been driven into the coffin I’m afraid.

Even in disagreement there used to be a softness to our approach – not anymore. It’s harsh and rude and uncaring and narcissistic and leaves a swath of destruction in its wake.

There used to be an art to dismantling an opponents position – to unpuzzeling a well constructed, albeit wrong, defense.

I’m going to miss that.

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