A Turn…

Shifting focus here for a while. I have no idea how long – hopefully not very – but I wanted someplace free of distraction to get some thoughts down during what, I can only imagine and hope and pray, is the worst condition I find this planet in for the rest of my stay here.

All the old posts still exist, but I’ve put them up and away for the time being. I wanted this to be a blank slate of what I see and feel and fear and hope, for as long as this state lasts.

I have this nag that this one post will be the extent of it – but that’s how my writing has always worked, coming in fits and bursts – so it could also turn into a regular outlet to get it down and out of my head.

There’s plenty of commentary and hyperbole on social media, and anything of substance there gets lost in the static. The television and livestreams and YouTube videos are spilling over with opinion and hate and anticipation and doom and the typical propensity of that human condition looking to find a reason. I don’t plan on filling this space with that.

The reason is simple – there isn’t one. It just is.

Science can explain the process of it, religion can explain the hope of escape from it, logic can explain the obviousness of it, but nothing, save God, can explain the reason of it.

The planet has gone insane. It’s embraced the fear and uncertainty. It’s thumbed its nose at the seriousness of it, and it’s buried its head in the sand hiding over it – we’ve run the gamut on this thing.

All we know is we don’t know. There’s never enough data to predict an outcome. There’s never enough hope to see the light, and there’s never enough pessimism to give in to the dark (completely).

So here we are. Alone among 7 billion people. No answers. Few plans. Bleak but hopeful immediate (maybe) future (maybe).

Kneecapped by something we can’t even see.

Welcome to Earth.


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