Writing Prompts…

(prompt: As the dust settled, he opened his eyes and saw twisted cardboard and aluminum… and biscuit dough hanging from the rafters…)

This can’t be happening. It just can’t. Not again.

It was a seemingly regular occurrence – something simple turned into something not so simple, at least when the explaining began, and then it just fell apart and turned into a nightmare.

In his head it all made sense, it wasn’t rocket surgery. He just had to be careful with it. He wasn’t.

It didn’t matter now anyway. The damage was done. There was no cleaning this one up. There was no going back.

As he picked himself up a thought occurred to him. This wasn’t an accident. There was no way. He was careful and he’d done this a million times before. This one thing was his thing. He was good at it. He didn’t make mistakes with this. Ever.

He mentally backtracked, looking for any moment that seemed…off. It had to be there. It was a simple operation with only a few hands involved in the transport, buy, and final delivery – so someone in that chain was responsible.

He collected what little remained from the exploded the canister and gave it a once over.

And then he had it. He knew.

He let out a sigh as he read the words. “Best Before Jan. 4 2020.”




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