Not Made for TV

On my ever growing list of “Things I wish I’d written”, sits this book – Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island.

It’s one my favorites, and, quite possibly, one of Verne’s most underrated works.

I won’t spoil the plot – or exceptional plot twist – for you, but suffice to say, it’s about an island that is, surprisingly enough, mysterious.

If you’ve ever read Verne – and I hope that by now everybody has read something he wrote – you know he likes to go on and on and on and on and on describing the minutia of just about everything and anything, and there’s no shortage of that here, but, as usual, it works.

It’s a long book – 500+ pages – but I encourage you to at least pick up the audible version, if nothing else. It’s well worth the read and your time.

I do not encourage you to seek out and try to watch the adaption they made for TV. It’s terrible. Fantastically terrible.

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