Green Beans Are Yuck

Rewind to 2007:

Me: Son, eat your green beans.

Son: Nah, I don’t really feel like eating any green beans right now.

Me: Son, please eat your green beans.

Son: Dad, I told you already that I didn’t really feel like eating any green beans, and I still feel that way. You should just listen to me.

Me: What?

Son: You know what I said.

Me: Are you trying to get spanked? Because it sounds like you are trying to get spanked.

Son: No, I wasn’t’ trying to get spanked. I was telling you that I don’t want these green beans. They are yuck.

Me: For the last time, eat your green beans!

Son: Nah.

Me: You do want spanked, don’t you?

Son: Will I still have to eat my green beans?

Me: What? Yes.

Son: Well, I don’t think so.

Me: Well, you don’t make the decisions around here. Your mom does.

Wife: He doesn’t understand sarcasm, honey.

Me: It wasn’t sarcasm.

Wife: I only make the decisions that make your life miserable. You’re responsible for the rest. (giggle giggle giggle)

Me: You’re not helping.

Wife: You’re doing fine. He’s only 5, you know.

Me: Thanks. I appreciate your support. God bless you and the work you do.

Wife: You’re welcome. You do understand sarcasm, don’t you? Because that was sarcasm in case you didn’t know.

Me: I used to like you…

Me: Son, how about you eat those green beans and then you don’t get spanked.

Son: How about if I just unscrew your head?

Wife: (giggle giggle giggle)

Son: (giggle giggle giggle)

Other Son: Doggie!

Me: Good Grief…

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