Prompt and Circumstance

I hate writing prompts, so here’s a writing prompt.

A few random sections from a short story I wrote several years ago – have at it…

Leave a link or write the whole thing in the comments. I’m interested to read where you guys can take this story.

Start at the beginning or the end – doesn’t matter. You can even start in the middle if you want.

Should be a nice exercise to get our minds off the insanity of our world at the moment and maybe have some fun. Stretch your brain a little…

It was at this point in the evening we realized we could no longer stay in the house and decided to make our way to this tree house we knew about. It was probably 10 feet up this old Hickory tree in a backyard. It had walls and a little window, and had we not been hosed, would have been a great place to get hosed.

But, as it stands, at some point during the evening, the neighbors, had they been paying attention, would have seen two very drunk 15 year olds attempting to navigate a ladder leading to a tree house.

Now, climbing a ladder carrying various items while sober is a task. Climbing a ladder while carrying booze and being exceptionally drunk, is a ridiculous task. It took about 15 minutes to hammer out the logistics of climbing that ladder with our liquor in tow.

We sat up there for a long time smoking cigarettes and drinking our booze, and as happens when one spends a long time smoking cigarettes and drinking booze…

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