Big Band on Bikes

#2 and I spent the evening at an outdoor big band concert. The weather was great, the band was on point, and it was generally a good time.

The music from that era is just spectacular. So complicated and perfect – you can’t flub your way through Time and Time Again or Star Dust – you have to know what you’re doing.

One thing I forgot about outdoor concerts, however, – there are usually people around who have no idea what’s going on because they would have been at the park regardless, and depending on what part of town you’re in, they’re usually there for no good purpose.

They wander around a crowd of several hundred, with a band of 25 playing, and wonder what’s going on…

Tonight some homeless guy offered me his cigarette lighter – I have no idea why, I don’t smoke and wasn’t smoking – several dudes decided it would be OK if they just randomly rode their bicycles around, through the crowd, in front of the stage…

It seems to me when you come across a grown dude riding a bike and they aren’t 1) in a race, 2) a tourist, 3) a bike messenger – nothing good is going to come from whatever they’re up to…

I’ve lived in Appalachia long enough to know that any dude over the age of 30 on a bicycle that doesn’t meet one of the previously mentioned criteria, is a bad omen.

Like finding a finger in your chicken nuggets.

I’m thinking the concert was impacting their business…

We should have more outdoor concerts.

Here’s a trumpet solo I shot after the dirty/stinky dudes on bikescapades were over.

I’m not sorry it’s vertical either…

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