I wish I had more time for this, but I don’t, so I really can’t get into this great story I have because it takes a long time to type, and I can’t type very fast, and that just makes it take longer, which means I need more time, but I don’t have more time, so I can’t even get started on this great story I have because it’s so long and I don’t have the time.

On the other hand, I could just not do the other stuff I have to do that is taking up my time, which would leave more time for this but not enough time for the other stuff, and while that may sound like a great idea in order to tell this great story I have, the fact that the story would take so long would just mean that my other stuff would have to be done some other time, which is something I don’t seem to have enough of, except when I do, and usually when I do have enough time, someone will find something else for me to do that requires a certain amount of time, which I had until they decideded I should do that other thing that takes up time, and then I’m back to having no time.

Of course, if I had the time, I would probably find something else to fill the time and then just totally kill the fact that I had the time, which, if you think about it, puts me in this strange position of wanting more time to do stuff, but finding that when I do have more time to do stuff, if I do the stuff I wanted more time to do, I don’t have the time anymore becuase I am doing that stuff.

Apparently you can’t have time and do stuff at the same time.

It’s stupid, really.

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