The Ridiculous Grammar Post

I decided to try out one of those online grammar checkers today, and apparently computer AI’s on a server somewhere out west have no idea how to write. I think I may have given it a stroke – what with the crazy way I punctuate and organize a sentence. Wells would have been aghast.

Can you imagine if someone like Neil Gaiman plopped a sample in one of those things? I think I read a book he wrote once that was one entire run-on sentence. And the way he arranges a thought in a line is a work of art – he can write a sentence that will make you never want to write anything ever again. It’s ridiculous.

That brings me to another point – the sheer number of people out there who can’t spell ridiculous is, well, ridiculous. It has no “E” in it. Anywhere. At all.

It’s stupid, really. I feel bad for future readers everywhere if this is truly the next generation of writers. The age of the 700 page book has reached it’s last chapter.

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