My wife still has an AT&T unlimited data plan – she was grandfathered in when her plan switched from corporate to personal a few years ago. She has never used more than a gig of data in a month. Ever.

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The Ridiculous Grammar Post

I decided to try out one of those online grammar checkers today, and apparently computer AI’s on a server somewhere out west have no idea how to write. I think I may have given it a stroke – what with the crazy way I punctuate and organize a sentence. Wells would have been aghast. Can you imagine if […]

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Reasons We’re Late # 2518

The number two son likes to take his shoes off in the car. Sometimes his socks too. And then he waits until we’re all out of the car to realize he doesn’t have shoes – and sometimes socks – on. This invariably results in a 10 minute process of reassembling #2. So technically we were […]

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Words you don’t ever like to hear – “Dad, I was trying to look something up, but the internet just started loading a bunch of different pages…”

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Rains Coming

There are those who wait till the rains are on them before they seek shelter, and there are those who see the clouds forming and start planning. 

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