We’ve Got A Problem

This is a problem. Maybe it was a joke, maybe it wasn’t – it’s hard to tell with this lady because – maybe you’ve noticed – she’s quite insane. 

When – or better yet, why – did the American people let loud mouth, eccentric, know-it-all blockheads become their voice?

When did we let the Limbaughs, Becks, Zunigas, Huffingtons become the compass for our society, and why do we continue to put up with it?

It doesn’t matter what side of the isle or social cause you find yourself – there will be some mental patient at the forefront.

That’s a problem.

These people don’t speak for me. I speak for me. I imagine – and hope – it’s the same for you.

It’s time for Americans to speak for themselves and tell the agenda driven blabber faces to take a seat. 

These people have supplanted and destroyed the foundation of what made this Country great – the people – in the name of a prime TV slot and NYT bestseller spot. 

I think if you take an honest look at DC – honest, take off the party or cause filtered glasses- you’ll hear the death rattle of the Republic, due in large part, to our willingness to give our voice to these people and then hope for the best or simply tag them with a “they’re crazy” label and go on about our business.

We cannot afford to continue on this path.

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