Sticks and Stones May Break My Adam’s Apple

The Adam’s Apple is one third of a trifecta of doom.

If you don’t believe this, poke one and see what happens.

You don’t even need to poke it hard, just flick it once and marvel on the ensuing agony – however, use caution if you decide to flick your own – if you happen to have one – I tested my theory this way…it wasn’t my best idea.

Shaving over top of one is like the lottery – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Most of the time you lose.

I’m not real sure of its purpose, but I do know living with one should come with hazard pay. 

It’s like a throat target.

One errant Nerf dart can turn any man into a whimpering mound of mush in a puddle on the floor. 

And if you’re a fairly skinny guy, it’s worse. That thing sticks out there like ball bat looking for a mailbox in the middle of the night on an old country road.

It’s like it wants to get mashed. I somehow managed to smack mine with my toothbrush once and I swear I saw God. It was terrible.

Even something as innocuous as wearing a shirt with a tie has the potential of creating a level of discomfort that can only be eclipsed by the feeling you had as a 14 year old walking through the underwear section of Lazarus with your grandma.

They should change the old saying to “sticks and stones may break my Adam’s Apple…” because I’d rather have a broken bone than get tagged in my throat target any day.

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